The Elijah Chronicles

A brief compendium of my hobbies and interests...

Soteria is the best <3



Why do trees look like trees? How does a plant work? What happens if you fall into a black hole? Why dont we see macro scale examples of quantum physics? What exactly is quantum gravity? Why is the sky blue and what would make it look purple or something? How can I apply the Bernouli principle to make flying cars? How can I utilize all of the renewable energy that can be found throughout nature to create a society of abundance?

Astrophysics, quantum physics, aerodynamics, chemistry, biology, ecology, geology, materials science, nueroscience, ... I like em all! If I can find something cool to marvel at... then it is something cool enough to learn about and shake a philosophical stick at. Find an interesting thing that seems inscrutable, nonsensical, or a bit complex? Tell me! I will see what I can do to help you (and me) understand it... or just google and bookmark for later reading haha..


Tech is life! Sentient life to be exact! There is growing evidence that the one thing that sets a sentient creature apart in terms of advanced civilization is its technology. What tools does it use to make its life easier and aid in ites evolutionary duties? How does it use and create these tools? What is the trend of technology throughout history and where is it going? Can there ever be too much technology?

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, rockets, computers and electronic devices, data visualization, gadgets, game worlds for simulation and education, drones as methods of remote presence, 3D printing is set to revolutionize and evolutionize nearly every market, wearable devices and sensors powered by peizoelectricity for your body being the new interface, the internet... of things, people, and ideas; all of these and more are some of the coolest tech today.


Where are we going as a society? Where have we come from and how does it dictate or predict our future? What should we be working on to ensure a better future for everyone? How can we use technology conscientously to improve the human experience as well as maintain, or even improve the natural beauty of the environment? Transhumanism! Transanimsm! Taking hold of our own evolution to become something more... something better.

The internet is yet nascent, believe it or not. Mixed reality is the next step in adding more awesomeness to the human experience than was ever possible or even imaginable! Games shall become more and more the default medium for interacting with a wider breadth of people and with a more versatile gamut of adventures and problems to solve. Transportation will allow the world to become increasingly more open and thus diverse. There is much to see and do as robots, software, and paradigms change how... and why, humans behave.


The tempo of life... and the universe. The resonating energy of reality pounding and weaving through one's psyche... EDM with its incredibly diverse range of dynamics and electronic symphonies. My favorites being the likes of melodic dubstep, glitch hop, trapstep, and nu soul future funk electro jazz.... Dramatic Orchestrals with its skillful weilding of emotional impact and audiophillic ensembles. My favorites being in the vein of Action, Violence, Cinematic, Dark, Violin, Electronic, Classical, and Epic. Hip-Hop with its unique realness of hard-knock experiences and appropos messages. My favorites being the likes of playful punchlines, straight bars, freestyles-like-writtens, lyrical masterpieces, and classic styles. Other interesting sound havens being punk, power metal, trap rap, kpop, soft rock, pop rock, death metal, metalstep, rocknroll, epic opera, and accapellas.


Gyrations and contortions that make me look funny... or cool, depending on who you ask. Pop-Locking, animations, isos, ticking, gliding, and other such moves. Inspired by Michael Jackson and Nonstop.

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The lives of legends. The human experience geeked up on imagination. The digital (and sometimes physical) drug running through the veins of every not-so-sane person.

Action Combat, Sandbox, Physics-based, MMOs with intelligent procedural generation to keep things unique and spicy.

No Man's Sky and World's Adrift or some of the best things happening to mankind right now. But other awesome experiences are the likes of Skyrim, Rocket League, Of Gaurds and Thieves, Black Dessert, Blade and Soul, Guild Wars 2, WiLD, Zero: Horizon Dawn, and a few other cool games I have not even heard of yet.